Monthly Archives: June 2017

I’ve been busy self-publishing a fantasy novel for ages 9-12. Publishers in my province tend to stay away from children’s books, in particular fantasy. I had a great time writing the book and going through the Publishing process.

“The Riddle” is the first of six in the series “Keepers of the Key” It’s on Amazon as both an ebook and paperback.

I’ve been going to schools promoting the book, which the kids seem quite enthusiastic about. Getting the book into bookstores isn’t an easy proposition, especially when the kids want to know where they can buy it. ( I don;t like asking teacher to take on the responsibility of collecting money ad so forth.) Still, I’ll keep plugging forward.

The following is a synopsis:

Cailean, along with her two best friends, Josh and Seamus, go on a quest to save the land near her home from a developer who’s determine to turn it into a holiday and golfing resort. She has always believed the land belonged to her mother’s family but discovers there isn’t a deed on file. A mysterious cave and a riddle written on her great-grandfather’s tombstone leads her and her friends to a mystical world inhabited by faeries. To her shock and surprise, her father wants to give up the land which he promised her deceased mother he would never do.

Working under  a strict timeline to find the deed, Cailean refuses to give up despite opposition from family and evil faeries. With unexpected help from Pella, a rogue faery, a Newfoundland dog, and two Newfoundland ponies, she learns a secret about her heritage that even her father has no knowledge of. A heritage that shocks her to the very core and changes what she’s always believed about herself and the world.