Monthly Archives: November 2015

I finally have good news. My manuscript – The Tin Triangle- about the first Newfoundland Regiment of World World 1 will be published in the near future. The novel begins in St.John’s Newfoundland as the war begins and the first 500 men enlist until the day they return at the end of the war.

July 1, 1916 is the date most fixed in the memories of Newfoundlanders as this is the day over 700 hundred of our soldiers died or were wounded within thirty minutes at Beaumont Hamel on the Somme front in France.

The 100 year anniversary is fast approaching and I’m delighted my book will be on the market in time for this great occasion.

The title of my book refers to the tin triangle cut from biscuit tins and placed on the back of the soldiers as they moved over No-Man’s Land. The reflecting light from the sun was supposed to be a safeguard from the allied guns. Many wounded were killed by the enemy as they struggled to move back to their lines, easily picked off by the reflecting “tin triangle”.